As the law evolves with time, specialised branches are created. Construction law is one such branch that deals specifically with matters relating to building, construction, engineering and related fields. Construction is Australia’s largest industry, with the highest number of businesses operating within the construction and related industries. From building companies to architecture and design firms, many businesses require an expert in construction law to assist with their future projects.

Through LawPath, you can get in touch with a Construction Lawyer to help you understand the legal needs of your construction projects and provide the appropriate documentation for your situation.

What is Construction Law?

Construction law encompasses any legal issue that arises during the course of a construction project. This can range from pre-planning environmental clearances and building plan approvals to final local council permits for noise restrictions. There a variety of laws, across all levels of government, pertaining to construction activities that fall under Construction Law.

The following are the laws that you may be dealing with during the course of your construction projects:

  • Federal statutes – Employment related laws and workplace safety regulations imposing requirements on construction sites and hiring practices.

For example: Minimum wage entitlements and standards, flexible working arrangements, handling discrimination against employees at a construction site and Fair Work regulations.

  • States – States may impose additional regulations which could range from occupational health and safety to environmental rules.

For example: Some states have areas that are more prone to flooding and as a result the environmental laws of the State will be more stringent. Similarly, when injuries occur you will need to comply with the relevant workers’ compensation law. At the time of constructing a building in that State, an expert in construction law will ensure that you are compliant with these regulations.

  • Local Laws – City and local council rules impose additional restrictions on zoning and construction noise.

For example: Local law permits such as building work outside regular hours, trade persons parking permits, cutting trees are all required to be obtained for each construction site.

Why do I need a Construction Lawyer?

Complex technical and legal issues can affect the success of a construction project. A Construction Lawyer can make this process simpler and stress-free for all involved. You will need a construction lawyer whether the project is building your own home, to a residential project or commercial space, or even large infrastructural projects like roads or railway construction.

LawPath has access to highly qualified Construction Lawyers who can assist you with legal advice and all the documentation that you will need throughout the course of your construction project. This could cover drafting and reviewing contracts, obtaining permits, ensuring compliance with workplace regulations and employment law considerations, and handling development applications.

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