What is a consumer lawyer?

A Consumer Lawyer is a lawyer who provides expert advice to consumers who have been subjected to unfair trading practices by producers or sellers. Consumer lawyers play a crucial role in administering the Australian Consumer Law and protecting the rights of consumers.

Why do I need a consumer lawyer?

Under Australian Consumer Law when a consumer suffers loss or damage and the producer or seller has breached their duty of care, consumers are able to seek compensation. Loss or damage to the consumer can include damage to their person, property or economic loss.

Some situations where you will want to seek a consumer lawyer may include:

  • If you have been the subject of an online scam, identity theft or unauthorised charges;
  • If you have purchased a product, for example, a car and the seller has failed to disclose any hidden defects with the car;
  • If you have purchased unsafe, unuseable or faulty products;
  • If you have entered into a consumer contract that includes unfair terms;
  • If you have been subjected to unfair business practices such as fraud or misrepresentations;
  • If you have been falsely misled by an advertisement.

Consumer law is a broad area covering various issues which is why consulting with a consumer lawyer can ensure you are afforded the proper consumer protection.

How much will a consumer lawyer charge?

Legal costs can be unpredictable and expensive for consumers. These can prevent you from starting a claim and being reimbursed for your losses. Consumer lawyers can charge on a fixed price or hourly basis.

Our aim at LawPath is to provide you with legal options that are fast, affordable and tailored to your needs. We’ll connect you with consumer lawyers most suited to your individual needs. This allows you to choose the solution which is best tailored to your situation.

What will a consumer lawyer provide?

Our consumer lawyers will provide you with expert advice to ensure you receive the protection which is afforded under the Australian Consumer Law. Consumer lawyers will provide guidance, explore your legal options, help you when making a claim and seeking the best possible compensation for your loss or injury.

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