What is a securities lawyer?

Securities lawyers deal deal with the law relating to the purchase and sale of various investments including stocks, debentures and bonds. Securities lawyers also deal with matters relating to insider trading, fraud and market manipulation.

Our network of securities lawyers are skilled and experienced in dealing with these transactions to provide your business the assistance required to meet its goals.

When will I need a securities lawyer?

A securities lawyer can help to protect your existing investments, as well as help with planning and purchasing future investments. They will be able to assist you and your business’s security interests. You may need a securities lawyer to advise you on the common signs of securities fraud or poorly managed securities. A securities lawyer can also help you if you suffer a loss as a result of an investor’s breach of fiduciary duties, conflicts of interest, malpractice, insider trader, and trading without permission. A securities lawyer will also be useful in litigation that arises from your investments.

What will a securities lawyer provide?

A securities lawyer will be able to apply their expertise in commercial systems along with their understanding of the legal regulatory environment. They have a vast understanding of the Corporations Act along with ASX Listing rules, and will provide you with the right advice to make the best decisions about your investments. A securities lawyer will be able to help you when making investments. They will also provide you with expert advice when dealing with regulatory bodies such as ASIC.

What will a securities lawyer charge?

Our aim at LawPath is to provide you with legal options that are quick, affordable and suited to your needs. We’ll connect you to securities lawyers across Australia most suited to your individual or corporate investment needs. This allows to compare and choose the solution the solution which is best tailored to your situation.

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Hire the Right Securities Law Expert

Our lawyer network makes it easy to compare the ratings, reviews and experience of securities lawyers across Australia. We help you restore peace of mind by helping you select the best lawyer and connect with them seamlessly.

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