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5 Questions to Ask when Hiring a Securities Lawyer

5 Questions to Ask when Hiring a Securities Lawyer

Keeping your business's financial investments in check.

26th June 2018

Whether it would be through public or private securities, these investments are beneficial for businesses both big and small. Businesses with financial stability are more inclined to expand, reach greater profits goals and grow. Working with securities lawyers on businesses’ securities finances is incredibly important, as your financial decisions are partially made with consideration of what funds have been provided.

With experience in court and with corporate business, these lawyers can provide services from informing you on securities frauds, advising and managing your public or private securities and more. As this is a relatively large coverage of the enterprise’s financial investments, finding the perfect securities lawyer by asking these questions would would be the safest and best way to keep your company safe.

Here are 5 Questions to Ask when Hiring a Securities Lawyer.

1. What is your experience with investment and securities offerings?

The main concern for your business ranges from advisory on regulations for securities offerings to the drawing of appropriate legal documents. This would better avoid cases of civil liability or unwanted suing of your business from investors and eliminate chances of your businesses reputation dropping.

When it comes to offering securities, having a experienced lawyer by your side can improve the overall process.

2. How fast are the documents drawn up for investors?

Many lawyers are excellent at preparing documents and contracts, however if they have not had any exposure to your industry, they will simply not know what to look out for. As your running business relies on financial investments to progress, the faster the contracts can be prepared, the more monetarily promising. Furthermore, your constant revision of these contracts to confirm what rights investors can have would delay completion time, so efficient work from both sides is required. Time is of the essence.

3. What form of securities should my business be offering?

Not every form of securities should be given, but rather the one which suits your business the most. Whether that is private or public, your lawyer should have a good grasp of your situation and advise you on which road would be the best for your business. A quick outline of pros and cons can not only gain some insight on what’s the best way to raise funds but also prove your lawyer’s expertise.

4. What have been the average legal fees for the past securities services?

Flat fees or billable hours. The typical cost calculations for legal work could work against you in these situations because the workload is quite heavy. Definitely recommend looking into the average fees which lawyers had charged before in order to find the best deal.

On the other hand, on a fixed-price fee, lawyers can provide an exact amount covering the whole job. This allows for greater transparency in costs, allowing businesses to choose the most suitable lawyer for their needs at an acceptable price.

LawPath sources fixed-price quotes from our extensive network so you can hire a securities lawyer that fits your needs.

5. How will we maintain contact?

A large issue in lawyer and client partnerships is the level of unresponsiveness of some lawyers. This can be a frustrating for you and your investors when it comes to contracts and accepting complex offerings for the business. Securities lawyers should be readily available to assist along the whole process, and you should definitely never feel alone or helpless if issues arise sporadically. Ensure that you and your lawyer are comfortable with the frequent communication of both parties so work processes speed up.


Working with a proficient lawyer is incredibly necessary when it comes to securities and its regulations for your business. Every step of the process has an effect on the financial position of the enterprise and that should be kept in consideration with these questions. Hire a suitable securities lawyer with LawPath’s lawyer directory to ensure you have the support you need for your business to sell equity.

Ivy Shi

Ivy is a keen catalyst of technological advancement in legal processes for businesses and society. She currently works with the content team at Lawpath as a Legal Intern and is undertaking a double degree in Commerce and Law at Macquarie University.