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Courtney Bowie

Business and Consumer Law, Her Lawyer
Location - Como NSW
Supreme Court of New South Wales
Business Law, Consumer Law, Copyright Law, Trademarks Law, Patent Law

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You’re here because you want your business to thrive. You know you need to get your legal foundations right from the start. 
You’ve come to the right place – welcome to Her Lawyer! 

Her Lawyer is a virtual firm helping small business owners with practical, affordable legal advice.

At Her Lawyer, we're driven by a vision of a future entrepreneur where clients don't have to chose between a fulfilling career and a deeply satisfying personal life.

Our mission is to help you do just that - spend your days doing what you love in your business, and getting home to enjoy your stress-free, fun-filled life. We're here to help you make owning your own business the dream career you've always wanted.

Her Lawyer is at the forefront of innovation in the legal industry. We're what those in the legal biz call a NewLaw firm
What does this mean for you? 

It means we're doing more for less. We're innovating with technology. We're managing more efficient teams and processes. And your best interests are at the heart of it all. We're working smarter so you get better outcomes.

Her Lawyer is powered by a team of ambitious women in business and law. 
We're passionate about amazing customer service and helping you build your business. 
Your success is our success!

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