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Darby Nunan

Business and Real Estate Lawyer, Nexus Law Group
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Melbourne, VIC
Supreme Court of Victoria, Supreme Court of Queensland
Business Law, Consumer Law, Real Estate Law
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I am a corporate/commercial lawyer with more than 30 years of hands on legal experience. I have provided legal services to clients in industries including property development, franchising, retail and hospitality and professional services. I have many years of experience and understanding of the business environment, which enables me to support clients across a broad range of practice areas. I have a particular interest in estate planning, business succession planning and asset protection but I am also significantly experienced in corporate commercial work and property law. I consistently provide clients with practical and uncomplicated legal solutions and I understand the fundamental requirements and demands of operating and owning a business. I am seen by my clients as a trusted business advisor and with a “hands on” commercial approach to the law which ensures that their businesses operate seamlessly to mitigate risk.

A boutique "New Law" firm practising in all areas of law with offices in Melbourne, Sydney, Newcastle, Brisbane & Perth

Areas of Law

Business LawConsumer LawReal Estate Law
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