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Victor Velluto

Principal Lawyer, Victor Velluto
Location - Fawkner VIC
VIC, Supreme Court of Victoria
Bankruptcy Law, Insolvency Law, Personal Bankruptcy Law, Debt Collection Law, Debt Management Law

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As a Principal Lawyer:

  • I provide personalised legal services.
  • I provide innovative, flexible legal solutions.
  • I provide comprehensive and to the point Advice.
  • My focus is to assist in resolving the legal issues in the quickest possible manner.
  • My clients range from mums and dads; and small businesses to larger companies.
  • I utilise a specialist legal and commercial network when and as required.

My areas of specialisation:

  • Construction of Partnership and Joint Venture contracts.
  • Mediation and complex conflict resolution.
  • Commercial Law.
  • Administrative Law.
  • Wills and Probate.
  • Court Appearances.
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