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Grievance Policy

You can use this Grievance Policy to help your employees feel comfortable raising any workplace concerns. Using this Policy also protects your business by ensuring that you can manage any issues before they escalate or create a risk of claims or reputational damage.
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Document Overview

This Policy creates a process for flagging any workplace issues and lets your employees understand how these issues may be resolved. Ensuring a clear grievance policy is in place communicates the Company’s commitment to providing a safe and harmonious working environment, while also helping your management team understand how to investigate and resolve any workplace issues.

Use this Policy if:

  • You want to introduce a clear process for raising and addressing any concerns or issues in the workplace;
  • You would like to support your employees feel comfortable raising any workplace issues;
  • You need to communicate the consequences of unacceptable behaviour by an employee to another employee in the workplace; and
  • You need to protect your Company from the risk of disputes or claims that may impact negatively on your workplace productivity or the Company’s reputation.

What does this Policy cover?

  • The process for raising any workplace grievances informally, or as a formal complaint;
  • Examples of how any grievances raised informally or formally might be addressed and/or resolved;
  • How any records relating to grievances in the workplace are managed, and their impact on any employee files;
  • External processes available to employees if a workplace issue cannot be managed internally;
  • The consequences of employees making a complaint that is frivolous, vexatious or lacking in substance; and
  • The Company’s commitment to supporting employees who have legitimate complaints or grievances.

Further Information:

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