5 Circumstances You Will Need a Commercial Lawyer

Nov 10, 2016
Reading Time: 2 minutes
Written by Logan Tennyson

If you are looking to start a business, currently run a business or looking to sell your existing business, you will need a lawyer with experience in commercial law. A commercial lawyer assists with the financial and commercial aspects of running a business and provides expert advice on a range of areas relating to financial services, companies and securities, and banking.

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5 Circumstances You Will Need a Commercial Lawyer

1. Setting up a company

When starting a company there are a range of legal documents that you will need in place to ensure your compliance under the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth). Commercial lawyers can assist in reviewing and drafting company documents such as your company’s constitution, shareholders agreement and employment agreements.

Setting up a company can be a relatively easy and stress-free experience that offers greater legal protection. To help take your business to the next level, LawPath offers a quick and easy online company registration process.

2. Review Shareholders Agreement

A Shareholders Agreement is an essential document for any new company. The document outlines the rights and responsibilities of shareholders, and assists with the management of potential risks and disputes. It is vital to the success of your business that the agreement is reviewed by a lawyer. A commercial lawyer can review your Shareholder Agreement as well as help you determine the class of shares you will distribute to your members.

3. Purchasing or Selling a Business

Are you considering purchasing a new venture or selling your existing business? It is important that you engage a lawyer to ensure that the transaction runs smoothly. A commercial lawyer can assist in reviewing and drafting your Business Sale Agreement. This is an essential document that stipulates the terms of the sale, and will ensure that the contract is favourable to all parties and will reduce any likelihood of conflict associated with the transaction.

4. Purchasing, Leasing or Selling Commercial Property

If you are on the market to either purchase, lease or sell a business premises, it is always beneficial to consult with a commercial lawyer before signing an agreement. Depending on the nature of the lease, the agreement may run for many years, as a result you should be fully aware of the terms before signing the agreement.

5. Online Legals

Do you run a website or online store? With any online business it is essential to have in place legal documents such as a Privacy Policy and a Website Terms and Conditions of Use. Engaging a commercial lawyer will further ensure that your online business is legally compliant.

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