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5 Questions For Hiring an Employment Contract Review Lawyer

Written by Diana Liu

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Before hiring employees, it is essential for companies to ensure that their employment contracts are legally binding. An employment contract review can reduce risk and establish assurance about the employment arrangement. The terms of a contract are tricky, but they become crucial when an issue arises with an employee, so it is important to take precautionary measures.

It can be difficult to find a lawyer who is dependable and also within your budget. LawPath’s Lawyer Directory can help you search for a suitable employment contract review lawyer in your area for expert legal guidance.

Here are five questions to ask your future employment contract review lawyer:

1. How long have you been working in employment contract law?

Legal contracts are notoriously tricky. To ensure that the contract meets your needs and that you don’t get a nasty surprise down the road, it is important to hire an experienced lawyer. Even under your friend’s recommendations, would you ask a lawyer specialising in family law to establish a contract that limits your liabilities and protects your interests? Make sure the lawyer specialises in the relevant field.

This question also allows you to see if the lawyer has dealt with similar cases. This creates a mutual understanding of potential legal outcomes, costs, and time commitment.

2. What are your costs?

Most lawyers typically charge by the hour. This means that with every minute spent on reviewing and providing advice on your contract, your bills grow too. As a business, you need to meet a bottom line. Yet, the vague and non-transparent costs projected may often give you a poor understanding of just how deep the legal fees may cut into your profit.

An alternative method of payment to billable hours is a flat fee. Here, lawyers offer a fixed price to providing contract assistance. This allows for a much more affordable and clear-cut expense, giving you a better idea of how much you are paying.

To prevent any unwelcome surprises, LawPath’s lawyer marketplace allows you to compare and choose employment contract review lawyers on a fixed-price basis.

3. Who will work with you?

Lawyers in law firms often have a team of junior and senior staff members working together on a case. Many times, the task may be delegated to other staff if there is an overload of work. Ask this question to determine whether the majority of the work is being done by the person you hired.

4. Is there a conflict of interest?

This straightforward question is seldom brought up, but it is important to establish straight away whether the lawyer is working for a competitor. There is no point in hiring a lawyer if they have a conflict and cannot protect your interests fully. You wouldn’t want your contract terms to be drafted with intentional loopholes, or your business secrets leaked to competition.

5. How will we maintain contact?

Some lawyers prefer to be contacted infrequently via email. Some prefer periodic phone calls. This depends on the simplicity of your legal matter and your lawyer’s preference. However, it is important to initially establish a means of contact and expectations for how you will keep in touch. It would be pointless to hire a lawyer that you cannot reach when you need their advice.

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Hiring a suitable employment contract review lawyer is paramount to your business. You want to ask the right questions when hiring an employment contract review lawyer so that they are tailored to your present and future needs. If you are looking for expert legal guidance in your local area, LawPath’s Lawyer Directory can help you connect with a suitable employment contract review lawyer.

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