A Guide to Launching Your Business on Instagram

Instagram is a photo and video-sharing social networking service owned by Facebook. The platform is nearly ten years old, however it isn’t too late to get started on Instagram. Launching a successful business through Instagram is not a straightforward task but keep reading to find out the best ways to get started.

Why launch on Instagram?

An Instagram user survey in 2015 found over 60% of people discover new products through Instagram. If this wasn’t enough incentive there are over 200 million users visiting at least one business profile every day. One of the great advantages of Instagram is the platform isn’t reserved for a particular industry or brand. Starting an e-commerce empire, a brick and mortar business or just a sole trader looking to gain some publicity. There is an audience for you on the platform.

Getting started

The first step to get started is creating an Instagram business account. This gives you a few advantages over a regular account. Notably, real-time metrics on how your stories and promoted posts perform. A business account also receives other important follower insights. You can also bring users to your business by adding company information such as location, business hours and contact details.

Tips for a successful launch

Instagram isn’t a perfect science but there are a few things you can implement to give you the best chance of a successful business launch.

Highly engaging and visual content

Instagram is a highly visual platform with a high content turnover. This means that you need to post highly creative or engaging content for users to effectively interact with your profile. This sounds challenging but if you focus on content related to your business offering it is definitely achievable.

Your name

It seems painfully simple but finding an Instagram handle that’s available, close to your business name and creative can be a difficult task. Something to also keep in mind when creating your name is the hashtags you will be using related to your business name.

Exclusive Instagram perks

After you’ve started building your Instagram following you want to keep your customers engaged. You can do this by offering your Instagram followers exclusive incentives, rewards or discounts.

Participate in hashtags

A great way to network with other users and build your following is through hashtags. As long as the hashtags you use are business related you will get more eyes on your profile. Consequently, how good your profile is will determine how well you can turnover views into business.

Structure and schedule

Using social media as a business is very different to personal use. As a business your first step should be to create a social media policy. This ensures employees who handle the account are posting within the principles of what your business stands for.


To reiterate, Instagram is still a huge platform and can be a great place to launch your business. It’s important to follow the steps above to give your business the best chance of success. If you are starting a new business it is also advisable to consult a business lawyer to ensure you take all the appropriate legal steps.

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