Build Your Business: Winner Announced

Feb 3, 2015
Reading Time: 2 minutes
Written by Dominic Woolrych

Since launching the Build Your Business competition we have had hundreds of entries from many aspiring entrepreneurs and startup owners. With countless tweets, posts, and shares over various social media platforms the participation has been astounding.

We are all too happy to announce the winner of the Build Your Business competition is Chris Baudia from Perth who co-founded GeoMoby, a reliable and outdoor geofencing solution for your apps.

His pitch for Geomoby has won him a $30,000 prize package that comes along with everything they’ll need to kick some major goals in 2015.


Geomoby co-founders Chris Baudia and Zac Durber


Lawpath will provide you with legal services to register your company, such as ASIC certified registration and all the legal documents which you need to start.

Kelly+Partners Startup

Accounting Advice that will include everything needed to succeed in the first 6 months of your business using their Startup Essential Package and Xero software.


Rackspace are providing all the necessary cloud hosting tools including assistance and consulting with for computing and business issues for the first year using their Rackspace Starter Programme.

General Assembly

Global tech education company General Assembly is supplying masterclasses to improve marketing, development and production skills with $500 credit towards classes, workshops or online courses.


A mixed variety of a dozen of the finest, hand-selected wines as part of Club Mofo from Australia’s best wine site, Vinomofo.

Congratulations Chris in all your pursuits!

In the next few months we will be sure to keep in touch with GeoMoby to see how things are going.

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