As an online business, the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will have a large effect on the way your business processes personal data and information of its customers within the EU.

Here is LawPath’s GDPR compliance checklist to make sure your business is working safely with your customer’s information.

GDPR Compliance Checklist

  • Make sure that your data management is within the legal policies and customers can see their data processing records.
  • Having a clear action where customers can press ‘yes’ or ‘agree’ to show their consent.
  • If you have processed information outside the legal boundaries, immediately notify the breach controller and the customer whose information was breached.
  • Ensure your permitted processors are following the legal obligations and hold responsibility to protect customer information.
  • Allow customer data permissions to change if asked by a customer and provide a record of where their data has been processed.
  • If you are sharing information abroad, you will need to check if the country the data will be processed has acceptable data policies and guidelines.
  • If workers do not abide by the regulations, GDPR gives you authority to issue administrative fines.

With the new GDPR implementation, your customers have more rights and access to their data on your system. Therefore, your handling of personal data needs to be stringent so you are not illegally sending out your customers’ information.

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Tom Willis