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How to Start a Massage Therapy Business

How to Start a Massage Therapy Business

Want to start your own massage therapy business? Read this article to find out what you'll need and how you can get started.

21st October 2019

With the popularity of massage therapy increasing, there has never been a better time to create your own massage therapy business. If you’re interested in creating a business that infuses your passion of quality massages into a career then keep reading. Creating and running your own business is an extremely positive and rewarding experience.

Become a certified massage therapist

When it comes to massage therapy you’ll have to be fully qualified before you can lease out a room and pop a plaque on the wall. You will need to complete either a Certificate IV in massage or a Diploma of Remedial Massage. After this has been completed, you are now officially qualified to start treating patients!

Australian Business Number (ABN)

Before starting a business, you will need to register for an ABN. There’s no need to worry – this is usually quite a fast process and can be completed by using a computer. We recommend that you click the “individual” section as you will more than likely be a sole trader.

Choose and register a business name

Be creative with the selection of your business name, as it is important with regard to your long term success. Keep it easy, but also effortlessly remembered and catchy. When it comes to registering a business name, we recommend you check the availability – which can also be achieved with the link provided. You should have a couple of different options in case your initial name is taken.

Register with health funds

Many clients will want to claim their massage therapy with their health funds so they can receive a rebate. To do so, you’ll need to contact each health fund and fill out the appropriate form to apply. After being successful, you will receive your own unique number which can be used to identify you when they are processing rebates for your clients.


Keeping all your receipts filed away neatly will save you stress. You can keep your bookkeeping expenses down by using software systems such as Xero. However while initially starting up, manually keeping track of your transactions, accounts and receipts manually is still viable.


There are many myths and misconceptions revolving around business ownership. Some are terrible tales filled with turmoil and bad past experiences with others seeming like a dream of fulfilment. Regardless of what you’ve been told, if you have passion for business, have individual autonomy and an interest in massage therapy then we recommend you pursue this type of career.

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