How to Start an Information Technology (IT) Support Business

Jul 25, 2019
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Written by Aditi Ramesh

Information Technology (IT) refers to the study of computers and telecommunications to store, send or retrieve information. It can be a difficult task to start an IT support business. However, it can also be very successful if you get the right start. This type of business allows you to work from home. Moreover, it is the perfect profession for someone who is very good with computers. You can give yourself room to start off small and then even choose to partner up with someone else. There are certain things you should know before you start your business. The following tips will help you build your IT support business.

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The struggles of an IT support business

You are dealing with a knowledge gap

Most of your clients will be people who do not know too much about computers. Therefore, they will generally expect their computer to do exactly what you are advising them to do. If this doesn’t work, they are likely to get frustrated with you as the expert. They will probably be unwilling to listen to your explanation and just want to see a solution. You need to make sure your instructions are clear and concise.

Once you touch something, it can become your problem

A client may contact you years later with a problem if you have done a one-off job for them. They may blame you for the new problem in their computer. In these cases, it is important to set some boundaries and expectations. By doing this, your client will understand that sometimes these problems can result in the future.

How to start an IT support business

Are you properly qualified?

It is important to have the correct qualifications. Being a ‘computer whizz’ is not enough for you to start such a business. You can be in serious trouble if you accidentally delete any important company files. Therefore, you should have completed training courses and have had some experience in the IT field. Moreover, try not to take any unnecessary risks in your practice. You need to have extensive skills and knowledge in this area, not just a little bit.

Decide HOW you’re going to provide support

You must determine how and from where you are providing support. You could also choose to provide support to homes, businesses or both. Providing home support can be quite expensive for an individual compared to a business. Therefore, it is important that your service is reflective of your prices. You can advertise your services through online websites so your customers will start trusting you. Although you can provide support from home, this is not always sufficient. You should also be prepared to visit your client’s offices or home to provide support.

Get insured

It is really easy to make small mistakes. You must get insurance before you go near a client’s computer.

Keep training

The IT industry is constantly changing. It is your duty to keep your training up to date. This will boost your credentials and make you stand out.


You need to choose prices that actually reflect your work. No one will be willing to pay a lot more to you if they can get the same job from someone else. If you want to charge a higher price, your support needs to match that.

Get a partner

It is not necessary to have a partner. However, this may be helpful if you would like to expand your business and share liability. Having a partner can be beneficial because two minds are better than one.

Don’t forget

Although an IT support business can be difficult to start up, it is rewarding. You must ensure that it is the right profession for you and you are qualified. The support you provide needs to match the prices you charge. Furthermore, it is important that you have insurance in case you accidentally delete or damage a company’s file. Finally, keeping up to date with training will differentiate you from others in the business. Contact an information technology lawyer or a business lawyer if you need more information.

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