IP Australia’s Trademark Facelift

25th September 2015

IP Australia recently revamped their trademark tools and resources to help guide people through the trademark process. This follows feedback that the trademark application process seemed complex.

Had they known about LawPath’s Trademark Application and the great people at the other side of 1800 LAWPATH, it certainly wouldn’t have seen as complex.

But we wouldn’t have gotten the new facelift on the process by IP Australia. Win some, lose some.

Here is what’s new with IP Australia’s Trademark Tools & Resources facelift.

1. The process of registering a trademark.

IP Australia released an infographic on the trademark registration process. LawPath has a trademark infographic too! If a cat has legs, and I have legs, does that mean I’m a cat?

Either way, we do love a good infographic.

Google search trends for “infographic”:

2. Trademark Pricing Calculator

IP Australia has launched this easy-to-use calculator showing you the government fees for the application, registration and renewal of a trademark.
It is important to note that the government fees do not cover any legal advice or review from a trademark attorney. While you can DIY through the IP Australia site, it might be good to consider engaging a trademark attorney to ensure a seamless application and registration process.

2. Trademark Application Checklist

IP Australia has cleverly devised an interactive trademark checklist to ensure you are prepared before launching into a trademark application. You can check each item off as you progress, much like a grocery list. Just don’t forget the milk again!

3. Faster, smoother and wrinkle-free.

Despite the facelift to help guide you through the trademark process, there still may be issues that arise as the process is still relatively complex. LawPath’s Trademark Application covers you the whole way, from application through to registration. Further, if you have any questions, we are just one phone call away.

If you want to have a chat about trademarks, give us a call on 1800 LAWPATH.

Visit LawPath’s Trademark Application to start protecting your intellectual property today!

Let us know what you think about IP Australia’s trademark facelift by tagging us @lawpath or #lawpath.

BONUS: For those of you that noticed there were two (2.) points, you have passed the test!

If you missed it, or are interested in to find out more about inattentional blindness, you can do so here.

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