Nestle just had an ugly August

Sep 1, 2015
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Written by Dominic Woolrych

1 September 2015

1. Something fishy at Nestle

A class-action lawsuit was filed on 27th August in the United States District Court in Los Angeles for the violation of Consumer Protection Laws. The complaint alleges that Nestle materially omitted and failed to disclose the likelihood that slave labour is engaged in the production chain of the Fancy Feast pet food line.

For a leisurely evening read, you can find the official complaint that was submitted to the court here.

2. #Wemissyoutoo Maggi noodles

Earlier in August, Nestle got hit by a A$134 million lawsuit by the Indian government alleging that its popular Maggi noodle range amid complaints that the noodles were defective. The Bombay High Court ordered Nestle to undergo certified lab tests, and allowed Nestle to continue the sale of Maggi Noodles if passed. Nestle did so, and regulators from Singapore, Canada, the US and UK found their noodles to be acceptable.

Maggi noodles might be cleared for sale, but Nestle India suffered a big hit. Its recall costed A$95 million, and Nestle India reported its first quarterly loss in 15 years. Harsh.

At least they have a good ad campaign out of it.

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