Are you thinking of setting up a trust? Are you unsure of the costs associated with lodging a trust deed?

To set up a trust you will need to a lodge a discretionary trust deed. Depending on the revenue authority in your state or territory, you may need to pay stamp duty on the trust deed.

Do I have to Pay Stamp Duty on a Trust Deed?

The following table details the states and territories that require payment of stamp duty when lodging a discretionary trust deed. The relevant due dates for payment in each jurisdiction are also listed.

Jurisdiction Stamp Duty Due Date
ACT None N/A
NSW $500 3 months from date of deed
NT $20 60 days from date of deed
QLD None N/A
SA None N/A
TAS $20 3 months from date of deed
VIC $200 30 days from date of deed
WA None N/A

Once you know how much stamp duty you need to pay, you’ll need to have your trust deed drafted. Through LawPath you can generate a customisable and ready to use discretionary trust deed in 10 minutes. However, if you would like a lawyer to draft a discretionary trust deed, you can connect to LawPath’s lawyer marketplace and compare fixed price quotes.

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