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Sharknado now Lawyercano

Sharknado now Lawyercano

Snakes, sharks, octopuses and tornado's. The SyFy channel have indeed stepped up their game - Read here about the Sharknado film.

21st July 2013
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The Twitterverse blew up about Sharknado this week. The B-movie about sharks that get caught up in tornado and rain down on an unsuspecting Los Angeles was a huge success in its first run on the SyFy channel, especially given it only cost $1.5M. The producers have assured us there will be a Sharknado 2. SyFy is no stranger to this format, having produced such memorable films as Piranhaconda, Dinocroc v. Supergator and the remarkable Sharktopus (the bungy jumping scene is not to be missed).

The producers have been toying with many other ideas around mixing sharks and natural phenomena, which led to a tweet suggesting Lawyercano – where lawyers erupt from a volcano on the surrounding populous. I am hoping the thought was that this would be a good thing – and the lawyers would help everyone. But maybe I am wrong about that one.

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