If you have a passion for match-making and you want to take it to the next level, this guide can help you by providing the basic knowledge and useful tips needed to get your business started. There are many things to consider such as how you will operate your business, registration, advertising, protecting clients’ information, potential employees etc. If successful, your speed-dating business could contribute to a thriving and ever-growing industry!

Step 1: Choose your Business Structure

Do some research and decide whether you want to register as a company, a sole trader, or a partnership. This business avenue can be very diverse, so you need to decide whether your business will be mostly online or physical, whether you will be entering into contracts with your customers, and how you will make money (through advertising or directly from customers, or both).

Step 2: Get an ABN and Register your Business

As with all businesses in Australia, you will need to register your business name, obtain an Australian Business Number, a Tax File Number, and possibly registering for the Goods and Services Tax. LawPath can help you achieve these requirements easily and quickly. This type of business is typically run as a sole trader.
Have a look at our simple and affordable ABN and ACN registration services.

Step 3: Resources

Whether your business will be mainly online or in person, you will probably need a website to promote it and provide information to your customers. This includes registering a unique domain name. You should consider protecting your domain name with a trade mark to prevent possible legal action taken against you. You will generally register your website as a commercial entity.
LawPath provides templates and services to ensure that your website will be protected under Australian Law. You should also consider what other costs you will have, such as internet, software and other computer tools.

Step 4: Staff

Your small business may require you to hire employees, especially when it grows in success and more people start hearing about it. If and when you let others into your team, you will need employee agreements to limit your liability.

Step 5: Privacy Issues and Contracts

If you are planning on receiving and storing customer information, you need to consider security and privacy. The Privacy Act outlines Australian laws regarding individual information and provides a list of Privacy Principles that will determine how you should properly handle and use your clients’ information. Although this is useful to know, you do not need to comply with the APP if your customers give consent to the trading of their information.

As a dating business, you will likely receive personal information such as names, signatures, addresses, emails, phone numbers, photos etc. You need to protect your customers’ personal information from theft, misuse, interference, loss, unauthorised access, modification, and disclosure. A good way to ensure you are protected is by drafting a privacy policy that your customers are made aware of. It is likely that this policy will be made available on your website to ensure easy access. It may also be beneficial to have a written contract outlining the policies and requirements of your services.

Final Recommendation:

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Akira Singh

Akira is a legal intern at LawPath working in the content team. She is currently studying a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Laws at Macquarie University.