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Tips for Getting Your App Accepted

Written by Youstina Armanyous

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Building an app requires countless hours of planning, testing and stress. After giving it your best, the last thing you want is to have the app rejected by the App Store. To guarantee that your app is accepted, you need to play your cards right. Read on for tips on how you can get your app accepted.

Do Your Research

Firstly, to get your app accepted you need to ensure that it provides value to society in some capacity. Spend time doing market research to understand exactly what it is that your target market needs. Your app needs to solve a particular issue. The more unique the idea, the more likely it will be accepted. For more information you may like to read about how to launch an app.

Understand Why Previous Apps Were Rejected

It is vital that you learn from the mistakes of previous app designers. Apple regularly publishes a chart of the common reasons why apps were rejected. Be familiar with those reasons and ensure that your app, at all costs, does not fall into the same pitfalls.

Keep It Simple

Although it may be tempting to build an app with fancy functions, be sure to keep your first submission simple. By stripping the app down to its basic functions you are guaranteeing that it is easy to use and understand. This is the impression that you want to be leaving the app assessors. You can add all of the bells and whistles once it gets approved.

Maintain a Process of Quality Assurance

In addition, make sure that you are running several tests throughout the process to ensure that the app is free from errors, bugs and glitches. Apple, for example, prides itself on developing user friendly products. Therefore, if your app is found to have any user issues then it will be immediately rejected.

Spend Time Writing Your App Description

Treat your app description like a project proposal. Your proposal needs to show others how your app works and what it is all about. Make sure that you do not rush this. Be descriptive and clear on how the app adds value to society. Be sure that it is free from any spelling and punctuation errors. It is suggested that you get a third party to read it and ensure that is thorough but also easy to read.

Follow the Guidelines

App stores, like Apple and Google Play, have clear policies and procedures. Requirements revolve around advertisement expectations, the type of content included and user interface. Apps also need to take up no more than 100mb of storage. This is to ensure that the app can be downloaded onto a device through wifi as well as mobile data.

Additionally, if your app registers users by accessing an existing account, such as Facebook, then you will need to produce a Privacy Policy. This will detail how information is collected, third party level of access and the use of cookies. If you fail to produce a private policy then your app will be immediately rejected.

Final Thoughts

As seen from above, ensuring that your app is approved can be complex. While this may seem as an arduous process, it is necessary in ensuring that your app makes it to its target market. Make sure that you do not rush this process and always gain a third party opinion. Since we understand that this can be a confusing process, we have developed a mobile app bundle that will ensure that you meet all of your legal requirements.

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