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What is an Insurance Lawyer?

What is an Insurance Lawyer?

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15th March 2018

Whether it’s for your business, car or health, insurance forms a massive part of society. Every day, insurers pay $124.6 million in claims. You (the insured) pay the premium to an insurance company (the insurer) to cover your back if any negative event happens and prevent the uncertainty of the future.

But what if, after paying your insurance premium, you are still liable to pay all of the costs of your event? It can result in a lot of stress, impacting every part of your daily life.

This is where an insurance lawyer comes in to take the burden off your mind. We’ll work through a few examples of how an insurance lawyer can be valuable below. If these are issues you’re facing, you can search LawPath’s lawyer directory for a comprehensive list of insurance lawyers near you.

Types of Insurance

It’s first useful to discuss the types of insurance a lawyer can deal with. Insurance is a broad area with many different sub-categories of insurance. One insurance lawyer can be completely different from the next. Some examples include:

  • Public liability;
  • Indemnity;
  • Health;
  • Travel;
  • Life;
  • Home; andCar.

You can also read up on the insurance policies your company should have.

We will italicise the case study below each heading to see how an insurance lawyer works in action.

Let’s say that you are a business with public liability insurance.

Pre-Claim Checkup

Insurance lawyers can be used proactively to read through your relevant insurance policies. By consulting them with your needs and expectations, they can let you know if your current policies match your expectations, and can make necessary suggestions from there.

You hire an insurance lawyer to review your public liability insurance policy because ou wanted to make sure the insurance covers any claims of negligence for your product safety. The insurance lawyer informs you that your policy covers those types of events.

Claiming Assistance

An insurance lawyer can also work with you to fill in a claim to your insurer if an event has occurred that is covered. Engaging a lawyer at this stage can help address any concerns you have, and potentially save a lot of costs down the road if the insurer denied the claim.

You’ve engaged an insurance lawyer to fill in a claim for legal costs of product safety to your insurer. You hope that it covers a negligence decision regarding your store products, requiring you to pay money.

Post-Claim Advice

A lot of the time, you won’t engage an insurance lawyer to review your policy. Instead, one of the more common uses of an insurance lawyer is if your insurance company isn’t covering something that you believe they are obliged to. Generally this occurs after the event has happened and the insurance company refuses to pay the required costs when you submit a claim.

Your insurer is refusing to cover your costs in response to your claim. An insurance lawyer can advise you on whether that is legally correct, and the best way to move forward.


Insurance is one of the most common forms of protection a person can take, both personally and professionally. The true value of an insurance lawyer is navigating the difficulties of recovering your claims.

You can get in touch with an insurance lawyer today through the lawyer directory.

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Dhruv Saggar

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