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What is a contract lawyer?

Contract lawyers are experts in the creation and revision of legally binding documents and agreements. Every business will need some form of agreement throughout its operation, including supplier agreements, employment contracts and sale terms and conditions. It is essential these contracts are created correctly, especially as disputes in commercial transactions are given little scope for error. In some cases, businesses will already have a contract in writing, contract lawyers are able to review existing contracts to ensure they are legally enforceable.

What can a contract lawyer do for me?

A contract lawyer will provide you with advice regarding a range of contractual agreements. They can place in a legal form any arrangement you have with another party. In doing so they will revise and negotiate the terms of the agreement with the purpose of fulfilling your interests and making the arrangement enforceable.

There are a variety of legal documents that contract lawyers work on everyday. These will include, employment, supplier, contractor and consultancy agreements. Additionally, they are also involved in the creation of terms and conditions relating to the sale of products and services, intellectual property arrangements and website policies.

5 tips when hiring a contract lawyer

Once you have decided a contract lawyer will be right for the job, consider these tips before consulting with a lawyer:

  1. Ensure you understand the key terms you require in the contract and make sure they are voiced to your lawyer.
  2. Determine the relationship you have with your lawyer and ask who specifically will be completing the work for you. It might be best to work directly with the person who is writing your contract.
  3. Consider whether you are able to keep your costs down by creating your agreements using LawPath and then having the lawyer review and customise your document.
  4. The lawyer will provide you with a retainer, ensure you read this, it will inform you of the obligations held by both of you.
  5. Consider if the lawyer has worked in your industry before, a lawyer with experience may know of specific benefits and difficulties of the terms you require.

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