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What is a property lawyer?

A property lawyer primarily deals with with the sale and purchase of property by completing all relevant contracts, negotiations and registrations. They will also complete residential and commercial leases as well as strata management and developer contracts.

A property lawyer will complete all the necessary creation and review of property documents and agreements before registering them after sale. During the negotiation process, a property lawyer will also source important documents including building inspections, pest inspections and strata reports. In addition, these lawyers are qualified to resolve disputes within property matters. If needed, they are able to represent you in the court process whilst completing the relevant forms and submissions.

What can a property lawyer do for me?

If you are looking to purchase or lease a property, a property lawyer will ensure your legal obligations and rights are satisfied. A property lawyer can complete all the relevant documentation you require and ensure it is filed correctly. They can also provide appropriate legal advice surrounding a property transaction. This is particularly helpful if you are thinking of leasing or subleasing a property and can be helpful for future property opportunities such as buying off the plan.

5 tips when hiring a property lawyer

Once you have decided you will need a property lawyer, consider these tips before consulting with them:

  1. Consider the level of work they will do. It might be worth engaging with a lawyer that will organise all inspections and reports needed, some lawyers may only deal with the specified contract.
  2. Work out your time frame. If you are pressed for time or if there are settlement deadlines, your lawyer will need to know.
  3. Read the retainer your lawyer will provide you, it outlines all the obligations. It should outline the costs and type of work the lawyer will provide.
  4. The location of the lawyer may be important. If you need to move documents around it may be important that the lawyer is accessible to you.
  5. Prepare questions for you lawyer. You will want to know any specific implications from your contract. This is important if you are thinking of buying off the plan or building a property.

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