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Community Service Leave Policy

You can use this Community Service Leave Policy to clarify whether your employees are eligible to take community service leave, and the procedure for doing so. This Policy also clarifies any notification and evidence requirements in place for employees who wish to take this leave.
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Document Overview

This Community Service Leave Policy ensures that your employees are aware of the processes in place regarding the taking of this leave, which helps protect your Company in the event of any related claims or disputes. You can also use this Policy to show your support for employees who are members of a voluntary emergency management body, or who are thinking of volunteering with such an organisation.

Use this Community Service Leave Policy if:

  • You want to provide clarity on what constitutes Community Service Leave, along with any associated payment obligations;
  • You need to ensure that there are clear procedures in place for the notification, and taking of such leave;
  • You want to ensure that your employees are aware that they may not be entitled to this leave if it has not been taken in line with an agreed process or is not compatible with the Company’s operational requirements,
  • You want your employees to feel supported if they want to give back to the community, and more comfortable taking Community Service Leave subject to the required process and timeframes; and
  • You want to protect your Company from any potential disputes or claims relating to this leave, including when leave is taken without providing any notification or evidence.

What does this Community Service Leave Policy cover?

  • Eligibility requirements for employees wishing to take this leave;
  • Definition of what constitutes Community Service Leave;
  • Notification and evidence requirements for taking leave; and
  • Any payment entitlements associated with such leave.

Further Information:

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