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3 Companies That Have Shown The Power of Effective Branding

3 Companies That Have Shown The Power of Effective Branding

In business, branding is everything. Here are 3 companies that became successful overnight because of their branding strategy.

19th September 2019
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I’ve Got A Fever and the Prescription Is More Branding

Branding is one of the most important weapons in the marketer’s arsenal. The American Marketing Association defines your brand as a ‘name, term, sign, symbol or design, or a combination of them intended to identify the goods and services of one seller or group of sellers.’ A brand represents your value proposition to the public. While well-established brands have become household names, new brands have exploded onto the scene through the power of branding. This article explores how startups have gone from nothing to everything through the power of branding.    

F45: Branding Is In The Name

How do you stand out in one of the most overcrowded markets in the world? Yes, it seems every man and his dog is a personal trainer out to start a gym and for a good reason. The fitness industry is estimated to be worth a total of $87.2 billion worldwide. However, one Australian brand has stood out amongst the competition. F45 started in 2012 when its chief executive Robert Deutsche set up his gym in Sydney. F45 has now a combined 1200 studios across the US and Australia. Part of its success has been able to speak to the modern worker.

The company prioritises a functional circuit workout. The sessions also only run for a total of 45 minutes. This takes away the stress of not knowing what to do at the gym. The consistent colour scheme and logo speaks directly to the modern consumer who does not have enough time to work out. Developing a cult-like following around the brand, F45 has been able to use word of mouth and digital marketing to spread its product to the masses. Even Mark Whalberg has bought a stake within the company. Therefore, brands can learn a lot from the success of F45.

Beyond Meat: The Vegans Are Coming

Meat companies are running in fear as Beyond Meat becomes one of the most powerful food companies in the world. Yes, the famous ‘fake meat’ may be made of Greens but it is undoubtedly making green. In 2019, their stock price jumped 500%. Part of Beyond Meats success is the brand’s value to its target demographic. While it was initially known for targeting vegans and health-conscious people. The brand has since gone mainstream appealing to the average consumer.

Similar to F45, the brand represents the value proposition of the product. The title suggests that the company serves the future of food. The symbol of the cow connects the brand to a familiar conception of meat. The green colour scheme indicates its difference within the market. However, the key to Beyond Meats success has been its ability to connect with the other brands to push their products. For example, in Australia, Beyond Meat is served at Grill’d restaurants allowing them to expand into different categories.

Koala Mattresses: Make Sleep Great Again.

We don’t often associate tech startups with mattresses but Kola has proven the power of effective branding when trying to disrupt the market. Started by Dany Milham and Mitch Taylor, the company has become one of the best Australian success stories in the last decade. The company has sort to disrupt the mattress industry by branding themselves as ‘furniture for the digital age.’ The company specialises in removing the hassle of buying a mattress through its online delivery and its unique ‘mattress in a box service.’

Koala mattress is a clear example of how to brand your business when disrupting the market. The logo’s simple blue colour design represents calm and relaxation. The company’s connection to Australia also creates a sense of quality and comfort. The success of the brand can also be drawn to their digital marketing campaign which has specifically targeted Facebook and Youtube to build their online following. Therefore, Kola’s brand represents disruption.

The Future of Branding

Branding will always continue to evolve as consumers taste change and adapt. A key feature of all these brands is slickness. Companies in this day and age need to give the perception that their brand is clean and modern. The provides a sense of authority for your company. It’s also essential to ensure that you protect your brand in a crowded market place. Therefore, these companies represent the power of branding in the 21st Century.

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