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5 Key Terms and Conditions To Include on Your Website

5 Key Terms and Conditions To Include on Your Website

Unsure what key terms and conditions to include in your contract? Read on to learn about the essential terms that should be on your website.

14th November 2019

Key Terms and Conditions: Who Reads Them Anyway?

While many people think that no one bothers reading terms and conditions, this contract is legally required under Australian Consumer Law. Terms and conditions are the basis for your business’s legal interaction with its customers. Terms and conditions can vary widely, but there are some essential terms that should be included in every contract. Therefore, it is vital that you define your relationship with your customers correctly. This article will explore some of the key terms and conditions that should be included in every contract on your website.

Goods, Services and pricing term

An essential term that should be included in any contract is your product or services term. This term should define what your product is and the cost to use your product. If you’re in the services industry, it should identify the scope of your services. The pricing for all your products should be clear and precise. 

Australian Consumer Law Guarantees

Another critical term and condition that should be included is the Australian Consumer Law Guarantees. The consumer guarantees are essential terms that protect consumers during the course of their business relationship. Consumer guarantees include terms such as the product’s fitness for purpose. No exclusion terms apply to the ACL. The term should suggest that all consumer guarantees apply this contract. Therefore, you must include these terms in this contract.

Delivery of Goods, Returns, and Refunds Policy

Furthermore, terms and conditions should clearly define when the goods are to be delivered. The term should also include a term include a time frame for the delivery and special requirements. A term related to the warranties and returns is essential to any contract. If you choose to offer a warranty to your customer, ensure the terms of return are clear and precise. Therefore, always consider how you word you deliver your warranty conditions.

Your Ownership and Intellectual Property

An often overlooked term and condition is the ownership of intellectual property. An Intellectual property term defines how the consumer can use your IP. The primary forms of Intellectual property include trademarks, copyright, and patents. This term is essential for digital companies that license out their services to customers. It protects a company’s property and ensures that it is not misused. 

Limit Liability

While some liability can’t be contracted out off, it is possible to limit liability with the terms and conditions of the contract. It is possible for terms to restrict liability for information, material and to limit liability for third party links. Therefore, you should consider which goods should be included in the contract. 

Key Terms and Conditions: Protect Your Interests

There are many terms and conditions that can be included on your website. Protect your interest by ensuring that you have covered all your bases. Seek legal assistance if you are unsure what terms to include in your contract. Therefore, terms and conditions are essential in any context. 

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