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Can a Company be Registered at a Virtual Address?

Can a Company be Registered at a Virtual Address?

Find out if you can use a virtual address to register a company with ASIC.

15th September 2017
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Are you thinking of registering a company? Would you like to list your company under a virtual office address?

When you register a company, ASIC will ask for a registered office address and a principal place of business. These addresses do not need to be the same and have slightly different requirements, which will affect whether they can be a virtual address.

What is a Registered Office Address?

A registered office address is where your company will be registered with ASIC.

Requirements for a registered office address:

  1. Must be in Australia and cannot be a PO Box
  2. Must be able to receive communications and notices from ASIC
  3. Written consent from the occupier is needed if you do not occupy the address yourself

This means that a virtual address will be suitable for your registered office address with ASIC.

What is a Principal Place of Business?

A principal place of business is the address where your company conducts the majority of its business (i.e. a warehouse, office or home).

Requirements for a principal place of business address:

  1. Must be where your company mainly conducts its business
  2. Cannot be a PO Box

Due to the need for a principal business address to be where a company mainly conducts business, a virtual address is unlikely to be appropriate.


A virtual address is a great option for a registered office address with ASIC. However, for a principal place of business address you will need to supply the address where you primarily conduct your business.

If you have a registered office address and principal place of business, you can register a company.

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