5 Benefits of a Catering Agreement Template: A Recipe for Success

From local sporting games to lavish weddings, it is absolutely essential to know all the expectations and obligations that come with supplying food and hospitality services for an event.

Creating your own catering contract doesn’t have to be a worrying task. With a catering agreement template, you can customise the way you cater for either a one-off occasion or a regularly scheduled function.

Let’s go through the 5 key benefits of a catering agreement template.

Read along and find out how it can be vital to the success of an event.

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What is a catering agreement template?

A catering agreement template is a form you can use to create a legal contract between you and your clients. 

A well-written catering agreement template will establish a relationship between you and your client. It can help both parties have a mutual understanding of their role and responsibilities.

Clearly outlining all the important terms and conditions related to your services is crucial. It can help ensure every aspect of your business is properly protected while you’re providing your catering services.

What is included in a catering agreement template?

A catering agreement template includes basic information on the type of food/menu provided, function details, number of guests, pricing specifications, delivery dates and deadlines, and expectations on the quality of food and service. There may also be other important provisions such as:

  • Duration of the contract
  • Payment terms (billing details, payment schedule deposits, fees, and extra charges)
  • Staffing arrangements
  • Client requirements
  • Access and facilities requirements
  • Clean up obligations
  • Cancellation policy
  • Consequences for breach of contract
  • Liability insurance
  • Indemnification
  • Intellectual property rights
  • Confidentiality

 and any additional matters you believe are appropriate to protect your catering business.

You can always adjust the terms of the catering agreement to suit both your legal needs and your client’s vision for their special event.

What are the benefits of having a catering agreement template?

A catering agreement template is a handy tool for any catering business. Here are the 5 most valuable advantages:

1.  Convenience

Save your time and money with a catering agreement template. It will have the foundational structure to allow you to quickly and conveniently create a contract with any client. Don’t forget – the template is also a customisable and easily adaptable document that you can tailor to your exact needs.

Additionally, you can attach a client’s order form in the Schedule located at the end of the catering agreement. This means all the relevant information about your catering services and the details set out in the order form can be found all in one place.

You can efficiently and effectively establish, organise and maintain a professional relationship with any client you encounter.

2. Avoid confusion and potential disputes

You can clearly set out the exact terms and conditions of your catering services prior to catering an event. If any confusion or potential legal disputes arise regarding you or your client’s expectations and obligations, you can use the catering agreement to clarify and resolve those issues. 

Both you and your client can readily reach a mutual understanding where a catering contract template has pre-empted and identified all your obligations. 

Clarity helps avoid misunderstandings and ensures each party upholds their end of the agreement.

3. Know your risks, rights and responsibilities

A catering agreement template can clearly and comprehensively outline all the details of your catering company’s rights and risks involved in contracting with specific clients/events.

For example, you can protect your business from being blamed for unexpected circumstances with a catering agreement template that already contains a section dedicated to this issue.

As a contracted catering service provider, you need to be aware of how you can effectively limit your liability for issues during catering events that are beyond your control. 

Moreover, it will also be important to be aware of when you or your client may find yourselves at risk of a breach of contract. Knowing your risks, rights and responsibilities will put you in the best position to protect your business’ best interests.

4. Legislative compliance

Ensure your business, employees and clients are committed to food, hygiene and safety requirements under the Food Act 2003 (Cth) and the Food Standards Code (NSW) when storing, transporting, preparing and cooking food. As you will be responsible for complying with health and safety laws and regulations, a catering template can help remind you of your legal responsibilities. 

As a small business, you know that the law is more than just food for thought. A catering agreement template is a must-have tool to make sure your business follows through on all legal requirements.

5. Focus on your business

Having peace of mind that the most important terms and conditions of your catering services are already covered in a catering agreement template means that you can spend less time on figuring out complex legal details or finding a lawyer to draft a contract for you, and focus on what you do best – running your catering company and providing your food services!

Legal ramifications of not having a catering agreement template?

Without a catering agreement template, your catering company can be extremely vulnerable to tricky situations. For example, not being paid sufficiently or on time, and lacking legal recourse to pursue any rights and entitlements that may have been breached by a client. 

Additionally, relying on a poorly drafted contract may also mean you leave out important aspects or even risk infringing the “unfair terms” provisions set out in parts 2-3 of the Australian Consumer Law (ACL). A catering agreement.

Protecting your business and impressing your clients can be a piece of cake with a well-written and tailored catering agreement.

Frequently asked questions

  • What type of events and services can a catering agreement cover? It can cover a variety of circumstances including birthdays, weddings, receptions, engagements, bridal or baby showers, corporate functions, holiday events, festivals, and more.
  • Can I use a catering agreement template for different clients? Yes, it can be changed to suit you and your client’s needs for particular events, occasions or functions.
  • Are a catering agreement and a catering license the same? No, they are different. A catering licence gives you permission to undertake and supply catering services, while a catering agreement regulates the legal relationship between you and your client.


A catering agreement template has a variety of valuable benefits that can help you level up your business. It can help minimise stress and maximise stress by being a customisable document that can define the expectations/obligations of each party, prevent misunderstandings, ensure legal compliance and help you focus on your business.

Whether you’re providing small appetizers for a baby shower or an extravagant feast for a family function, a catering contract is essential in managing different clients and different events. 

We know you’ve already got a lot on your plate. 

Let us help you cater to your legal needs by getting started with Lawpath’s Catering Agreement Template below!

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