Etsy Sees Women Excelling in Online Business

Jan 14, 2016
Reading Time: 3 minutes
Written by Ananya Singh

Back in the day creativity was the devil’s craft. Galileo was poisoned for being an inventor.

Depending on which side of the internet you are looking at, human evolution today has certainly reached its peak with all the modern necessities being available at the click of a button, or we have reached our demise if you are looking at Kylie Jenner’s Instagram.

But certainly, all can agree that the internet has been a blessing for the creative hipsters. Specifically, online business has further opened doors for creative women to conduct business with limiting the barriers not only associated with conducting a business but also, it offers the flexibility of pursuing other careers or interests. A leading example of this is the online business website Etsy.

Etsy’s recent report shows that 94 percent of sellers on the website are women in Australia. Furthermore, 49 percent of those sellers are using the site to introduce their products to the market for the first time.

It is enticing to open an online business as it is practically free to do so, with no monthly fees and none of the usual risks that come with opening a shop. All the while the seller is able to have a profitable outlet for their creativity.

However, there are certain legal requirements that you may need to fulfil when conducting business online. For example, you may need an ABN to conduct business online depending on your business. For support,  look at ‘Do you need an ABN to sell on Etsy?’ and many more useful articles on our blog to assist with your enquiries.

Although, the life of an online businesswoman is rewarding, one of Etsy’s sellers, Jacqueline Chan, sums up her experience of being an online seller in Etsy’s report:

“I currently run my creative business full time. It is definitely an enjoyable and fruitful experience. I get to utilise my creativity, learn many new skills (both creative and business), solve problems and challenges along the way, and meet like-minded people who are passionate about what they do… it is also a more flexible option for me in the long run…”

It is all dubbed as a part of the ‘maker’ movement, which is on the rise. It has been explained byHuffingpost as allowing:

“people to gain more control of the design world rather than accepting mass-produced and off-the-shelf solutions and provides a creative outlet and an opportunity for entrepreneurs to pursue their passion and realise their business dreams.”

It is creating endless opportunities for new entrepreneurs and allowing women the ability to earn income for their creative talents and homemade products while allowing them to earn an income and pursue other life goals.

Also, with Facebook having introduced new features, it is now easier than ever to have an online business. Sellers can easily connect with their customers and satisfy their queries and requests at an astonishing speed.

Even more so, Generation Z and Generation Alpha have thoroughly adapted to the internet era to ensure it benefits them in every way. According to Etsy’s reports, the sellers are twice as likely to be young adults (under age 35) as other Australian business owners. Being internet savvy is definitely worth the rewards.

Modern technology, along with offering countless amenities, has also opened more opportunities for creative women to be their own boss. Being a businesswoman is now easier and more accessible than ever.

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