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Hiring a Blogger: What you need to know

Hiring a Blogger: What you need to know

Guest blogging is a great way to expand your network. However, in order to ensure that suitable content is published, a blogger agreement is required. Learn about this agreement here.

14th May 2015

Getting started on your blog

The feeling when you put up a blog post that people love: priceless.

Your blogs represents your unique perspective, and you will want to ensure that its contents are used within the boundaries you set.

If you are a publisher, using guest blogging is a great way for networking! However, you want to ensure that your reputation and standing is not affected as a result.

Whether you are the blogger or the publisher, you want to ensure that the contents of the blog are respected, and dealt with according to the wishes of both parties.

What is a Blogger Agreement?

A Blogger Agreement governs the relationship between the Blogger and the Publisher. For the benefit of the Blogger, this agreement grants a license to the Publisher to use the blog(s) for an agreed upon amount of compensation, and sets the boundaries around what is licensed and what is not.

For the benefit of the Publisher, it sets out the terms of what the Blogger can do after the specific content is licensed out to the Publisher. It won’t be ideal to pay for a blog that is then used oin a ton of other websites!

Limiting your liability

As a Publisher, having a Blogger Agreement that includes an indemnity clause can limit your liability for the contents of the blog you published. As a loose illustration, if you publish a blog that smears another company, by contravening the Blogger Agreement, the Blogger has to indemnify you for any damages awarded from the defamation suit taken out against you.

Do I need a Blogger Agreement for my blog?

It might be down your list of priorities to have legal documents, including a Blogger Agreement initially. Nothing seems more important than spilling your brilliant thoughts on the web for the world to see!

However, investing in a Blogger Agreement is important in ensuring that your interests are protected.

It sets a legal framework for either party to fall back on if a dispute should arise.

How do I create my Blogger Agreement?

Creating your own Blogger Agreement takes less than 5 minutes, meaning you can safely share your blog with the world as soon as possible!

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