How to get a 457 Visa for foreign employees

Apr 7, 2013
Reading Time: < 1 minute
Written by Dominic Woolrych

There is a lot of politics going on at present about 457 visas and the employment of foreign workers in Australia. Currently the process works quickly and efficiently. Employers seeking to recruit foreign workers should consider embarking on the 457 process before changes (if any) are made.

The visa is for foreign workers who have a skill which is in demand in Australia. The list of those skills is at

There are 3 parts to the application (and these can be lodged at the same time):

  • Employer applies to be a sponsor;
  • Employer nominates a position;
  • Employee applies for a visa.

The timing from application to grant can vary but 1-2 months is a good guide. There are some costs involved. The visa lasts for 4 years and allows the employee to bring their family to Australia.

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