How to Start a Social Media Marketing Business

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Are you social media savvy? Do you have a strong online presence? Perhaps you have considered turning your love for Instagram and Snapchat into a career. In this day and age, hundreds of millions of people are using social media platforms daily. Accordingly, the global demand for people to manage online platforms has never been greater. Starting a social media marketing business is similar to starting up any other business. However, there are some unique considerations you will want to take into account when establishing a business in this area. To find out how to capitalise on this online boom, keep reading and learn how you can start a social media marketing business.

1. Gain Skills and Knowledge

Before diving headfirst into the social media marketing industry, it is important to understand the skill set and tools required for this profession.
Tertiary education, online courses, our blogs and even YouTube tutorials are just a few ways you can learn about social media marketing. In building your skills and knowledge, you should understand how to:

  • Plan and manage online content; 
  • Devise marketing strategies;
  • Create and distribute engaging written and graphic content;
  • Collect consumer data; and 
  • Analyse online trends.

A solid understanding of the online social media marketing space and how businesses use these platforms effectively is a minimum requirement to succeed within this profession.

2. Devise Your Offerings 

After you have gained the skills necessary for social media marketing, you must then consider what you will offer. Is your agency catered towards small businesses, influencers or large companies? Will your services be niche or broad? Which social media platforms will you assist clients with? All of these points must be considered in the planning stage of the business. 

3. Organise Your Finances and Prices

A crucial part of being a business owner is being good with your money. If you are not as confident with this, consider hiring a financial services lawyer or accountant to assist with taxes, financial planning, compliance with regulatory advice and strategic advice for your financials. Also, when setting prices, be sure that they reflect your skills and experience in the social media marketing industry. 

In doing so, be sure to budget accordingly and consider your costs which might include:

  • Social media marketing software;
  • Taxes;
  • Licensing expenses;
  • Legal and Accounting fees; and 
  • Employee and office expenses.

4. Establish your Business

Although establishing your social media marketing agency can be intimidating, a simple checklist can ease this process. Licenses and certifications will vary depending on the country and area you live in, but in Australia, you should prioritise the following:

  1. Register your business with us; 
  2. Open a business bank account to separate your funds; and
  3. Seek legal assistance to create legal contracts to use with your clients.

For further information, please see the Australian Business License and Information Service to learn about the laws you need to follow based on the specifics of your business.

5. Build your Brand and Market Your Services

Once your business is legally established, you must build its brand. This step is important for social media marketing agencies because your ability to effectively brand yourself will reflect your ability to brand your clients.

In doing so, it is necessary to create a brand that will appeal to your business’s target audience when promoting your services. This can be achieved by setting up a website that demonstrates your capabilities and offerings in line with your brand. Also, create your own social media accounts to build an online following and start reaching out to potential clients. From here, you can begin operating your business and providing services to your clients.

6. Never Stop Learning

Social media is constantly changing and your clients will rely on you to stay up to date with the latest online trends. To ensure the needs of your clients are satisfied, ongoing professional development within the online social media space is necessary. This will be a key factor in your long-term success.


In summary, starting a social media marketing business is just like any other business. The six simple steps provided serve as the basics for building your business, with in-depth research and planning necessary to start a successful social media agency. 

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