What Legal Documents Do I Need to Develop Software?

Mar 16, 2017
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Written by Zachary Swan

Developing quality software can achieve customised and affordable solutions for your business. However without adequate legal protection, your business will have no control over how your data is used and your software will be exposed to security threats and licensing conflict.

When you are developing software you need the right legal documents to make sure that both your business and software are protected. For access to all these documents, sign up to LawPath today.

What Legal Documents Do I Need to Develop Software?

Non-disclosure Agreement

NDAs are a vital document for software development. A non-disclosure agreement is a document that allows your business to safeguard any confidential information, with the parties agreeing to not disclose any information covered by the agreement. Without an NDA you are exposing your business to greater risk, particularly if the relationship between your business and your developers deteriorates. If someone is developing software for your business, an NDA ensures that any confidential information that you have provided to them will be protected. It also allows for all discussions to be confidential through the negotiation and discussion process.

Software Licensing Agreement

Once you have developed your software, you will want to allow others to use your program. A Software License Agreement is used for licensing your software to a website operator. If you are selling downloadable software, you must have an agreementl. Without an agreement, your software and liability is potentially at risk.

Click-wrap agreement

If you are selling downloadable software online it is vital that you set out the terms and conditions for that software and how the software can be used. To avoid confusion and legal action, your business should adopt a Click Wrap Agreement so that they can adequately discharge their legal obligations in this area of law and avoid the potential for costly contractual disputes.

Hire a Tech Lawyer

Every experienced business owner understands the importance of legal guidance, especially when it comes to the protection of IT solutions. A tech lawyer has the expertise to equip your business with the right documents and solutions.

What’s Next?

For access to all the essential legal documents you will need to securely develop software sign up to LawPath today. With LawPath’s quick quotes you can also get in touch with a tech lawyer to bulletproof your agreements.

LawPath provides access to all the legal documents you will need when developing software. Contact a LawPath consultant on 1800LAWPATH to learn more about customising legal documents, obtaining a fixed-fee quote from our network of 700+ expert lawyers or to get answers to your legal questions.

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