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Quick Tips: Legal Documents for SaaS Companies

Quick Tips: Legal Documents for SaaS Companies

Learn about the legal documentation that you may need when you wish to sell your developed software.

26th March 2015
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What Legal Documents Do I Need to Sell Software as a Service?

We’ve written this short guide for situations where you have developed software and want to license software, or if you are a business or individual looking to purchase software.

Software licences set out the terms and conditions for how that software can be used. This deals with granting appropriate software licence, delivery and installation of licensed software, payment, relevant warranties and termination.

For getting started, we recommend familiarising yourself with the following legal documents:

1. Non-Disclosure Agreement

Also known as a confidentiality agreement, a Non-Disclosure Agreement protects your confidential information. It allows for all discussions to be confidential through the negotiation and discussion process. It details what information might be confidential, the protection of sensitive information and obligations on the proper user of the information.

2. Software Licence Agreement (Licensor) –

Use this document if you are selling downloadable software, drafted broadly in favour of the Licensor (the software owner).

3. Software Licence Agreement (Licensee)

Use this document if you are purchasing a licence for software to someone who operates a website, drafted broadly in favour of the Licensee.

4. Click Wrap Agreement

A click wrap agreement (also known as a clickthrough or shrinkwrap agreement) is a software licence for sales of downloadable software found on a website from a website to consumer. You’ll often find a click wrap agreement used in online software, where by clicking “I Agree” provides consent to the software’s specific agreement. A user must accept the terms of this agreement before being able to access the software in question.

All of these documents are available as part of our SaaS bundle, which provides everything you’ll need to start selling your software.

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