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What are the Benefits of Using Cloud Storage for your Business?

What are the Benefits of Using Cloud Storage for your Business?

Are you looking at cloud storage as a solution to your business needs? Read this article to find out some of the benefits and drawbacks of cloud storage for your business.

9th July 2019

Technology is advancing at an unprecedented rate. This can make it hard to keep up to date with the latest advances. One such advancement is cloud storage. In this article, we’ll explain what cloud storage is and discuss its benefits and drawbacks.

What is Cloud Storage?

Cloud storage is an alternative to the traditional way of storing or backing up data. Put simply, it is the process of sending data from a computer through the internet to a server located somewhere else. That server stores the data for you. Previously, storing or backing up data required that the data be sent from the computer to the server through cables or cords. Now, this process occurs wirelessly through the internet. 

Benefits of Using Cloud Storage for your Business

Cost Savings

Storing your data ‘in the cloud’ is often far cheaper than storing data on your own server. This is for a number of reasons. One of the main reasons is that those who sell data storage buy in bulk and pass on the savings to consumers. Additionally, because lots of data is stored together there are savings on overhead and administrative costs.

Data Protection

Cloud storage companies invest heavily in protecting the data they store because this is inherent in providing a successful service to customers. Within one data centre, there will often be multiple copies of your data. Sometimes companies may even hold copies of it in other data centres or give you the option to purchase this upgraded service.

Different Storage Options

There are different tiers of cloud storage services your business can purchase depending on what you require. For example, if your company only requires long term backup of data it can purchase a data archival service. Alternatively, if you require frequent backups and data retrieval you can purchase another appropriate service. 

Drawbacks of Using Cloud Storage for your Business

High Internet Usage

Because data is transmitted through the internet during cloud storage it can often lead to high internet use. Depending on how much data and how frequently you are sending that data this could be an important consideration for your business. 

Slower Backups or Restores

As backing up and restoring take place via the internet they are often slower than their traditional equivalents. Whilst this may not be important on a daily basis it is important to be aware of should you need to restore your whole server. If your company cannot restore its whole server quickly then this might have ramifications for your ability to trade.


In summary, cloud storage is a service which could reduce expenses and provide greater efficiency to your business. Whilst it provides businesses with great data storage options at a lower price per gigabyte it is also worth considering that it might increase your company’s internet usage.

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