What is a Boutique Law Firm?

Sep 22, 2016
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Written by Sydney Rae

While a boutique law firm is typically smaller than a general practice, it is comprised of lawyers that offer expert legal services in niche areas of law, from commercial law to employment law.

LawPath can connect you with a boutique lawyer that will provide legal advice tailored to your specific legal needs.

What is a Boutique Law Firm?

Whereas a general practitioner covers many areas of the law, a boutique law firm can provide expert legal advice and services to individuals or small businesses in one or a select few areas of the law. For example, a boutique law firm with expertise in employment law can assist you in drafting, reviewing or finalising employment agreements.

Is Boutique Better?

While a boutique is not necessarily “better” than a general practice, a boutique lawyer may be more appropriate depending on your legal needs. In Australia, there is a growing trend in boutique law firms as a result of their offerings of qualified expertise in fields of law, often at a reduced price. If you seek assistance with a trademark, a boutique law firm with expertise in intellectual property law will benefit you by way of a stress-free and low-cost experience.

What Options are Available?

If you require expert legal advice, get in touch with a boutique lawyer on LawPath to ensure that you and your business are legally prepared. Boutique lawyers on LawPath are well-practiced in the following legal areas:

Intellectual property

Intellectual property (IP) law involves the protection of creations or properties of the mind, from logos to inventions. A lawyer with expertise in IP can help you formally register and protect your idea or invention by way of a trademark or a patent.

Commercial law

A commercial lawyer provides professional advice on the financial aspects of running a business. This can include banking or the financing of the sale and distribution of goods and services.

Business law

A boutique law firm with expertise in business law covers any legal issue associated with the formation, running or selling of a business, such as the formation and drafting of contracts, the protection of intellectual property or any liability issues that may arise.

Startup law

If you require legal advice or assistance with the formation of your business, from intellectual property issues to funding.

Employment law

It is important to seek an employment lawyer in matters concerning, for example, the formation of employment agreements, any claims of unfair dismissal or occupational health and safety in the workplace.


As a niche practice, a boutique law firm can provide high-quality expertise in specific areas of law. If you require legal services or advice that address your specific legal needs, contact LawPath to connect you with a boutique lawyer.

Unsure where to start? Contact a LawPath consultant on 1800LAWPATH to learn more about customising legal documents, obtaining a fixed-fee quote from one our network of 600+ expert lawyers or any other legal needs.

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