How to create a website advertising agreement?

Jun 10, 2015
Reading Time: 2 minutes
Written by Dominic Woolrych

What is a Website Advertising Agreement?

Your website is booming and you’re ready to start increasing your revenue stream through advertising. Taking on an advertiser has its advantage and it’s important to think about what kind of content you want displayed and associated with your website.

A Website Advertising Agreement can give you this control, allowing you to set out the terms and conditions of an agreement between your business and the advertiser.

Why does my business need one?

If you’re about to start advertising third party products or services on your website it’s important to have clear terms setting out what the advertiser can and can’t do, and to ensure your rights are protected. Often businesses will take on more than one advertiser, so a website advertising agreement is the easiest way to manage the different content that will be displayed by each advertiser.

Artistic control

Retaining artistic control is vital to ensuring that your websites’ reputation is safeguarded and the advertisement is consistent with your website’s overall identity. This agreement allows you to have full artistic control over the styling and position of the content, and the right to refuse the use of the content at any time.

As a means of distinguishing your products from the advertisement, the agreement also allows to stipulate that any advertisement must be labelled ‘Advertisement’.

Limiting your liability

Website advertising agreements usually includes an indemnity clause, ensuring that you will be held harmless from any legal action taken arising from the advertisers use of your site. This extends to any warranties or terms not set out in the agreement and any misuse of intellectual property by the advertiser.

How do I create a Website Advertising Agreement?

Creating your own Website Advertising Agreement takes less than 5 minutes, meaning you can safely start offering advertising on your website as soon as possible!


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