6 Tips on Hiring Great Employees for Your Startup

Nov 30, 2020
Reading Time: 2 minutes
Written by Dominic Woolrych

Starting your own business generally means taking on many roles. By day you may be the operations expert, while at night you could be managing finances and writing blog posts. First-time entrepreneurs quickly discover how difficult it is to single-handedly develop, market and grow a product successfully. It’s essential to hire a talented, driven team to keep your business moving in the right direction. To help your startup succeed, here are 6 tips on hiring great employees for your startup.

1. Create a unified team

When it comes to hiring great employees for your startup, ensure that you give other members of your team an opportunity to meet them and be involved in the process. You want to ensure that the interviewee is inspired by the culture you’ve created. Chances are you’ll be working side by side for a considerable time. Even if the assisting team member works in an unrelated field, this will help create a sense of family and ultimately lead to a productive workplace. It’s also important to continually reinforce your business’s values and the broader purpose of what you’re all there to do.

2. Hire people that can challenge you

One thing many entrepreneurs have to battle is ego. You’re probably experienced in a range of skills but for your startup to succeed you need specialists. Hiring employees that are experts in their line of work is important as they will be better equipped to challenge business decisions, providing you with a fresh perspective. Talented specialists will also attract additional talent to your startup.

3. Create a transparent workplace

One of the great benefits of a startup is being able to speak face to face with the founder, provide feedback and challenge their decisions. It’s important to leverage this and ensure that you meet with the entire team at least once a week to discuss results, roadmaps and pain points. Honesty is also key here – provide a format where everyone can provide feedback and make sure your communication channels are clear.

4. Create an environment that others envy

A great working environment is vital for any up and coming business. Enviable working environments attract talent, give workers an area where they feel motivated and helps to build that sense of family. Smart little additions to your office can make a huge difference to team morale and culture. Try and organise a regular outing with the team, such as a team lunch or recreational activity. Invest in areas that allow your staff to socialise, such as a break-out area or games table.

5. Don’t be afraid to say no

Ultimately you need to be able to connect professionally and personally. You may be interviewing the world’s best developer, but if you can’t imagine working with them every day then it’s probably not the right fit. Remember to be patient too – there’s no point hiring somebody that you don’t see being around for the long run. Need assistance hiring employees? Our platform has a range of employee agreements and workplace policies to ensure your business is covered.

6. Build a diverse team

The more diverse a workplace is, the more perspectives you’ll get. Try to focus on building a team that brings a range of professional and personal experience to the table. Diversity is important in the workplace, and the benefits are well-known. If your team consists of males, make an effort to hire more females. The same applies to people of different cultural and ethnic backgrounds, sexual orientations and ages – try to be as inclusive as you can be in your hiring process.

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