Can I use my Residential Address as my Registered Office Address?

When registering a company, you need to provide ASIC with the address of the registered office. If you are yet to secure a registered office address for your business, you can use your residential address as your registered office address. If you are using your residential address, please note that this must be a physical street address where ASIC can reach you.

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Can I use my Residential Address as my Registered Office Address?

Yes. When registering a company you are required to provide a register office address, and your residential address can be used. You cannot use a PO box, ASIC will reject any application where this is used as the registered office address.

There are a few things you must also need to consider when using your residential address.

What do I need to do if I am currently renting?

If you are currently renting the premises you are still able to use this address as your registered office address. You will be asked on the company registration application – Does the company occupy this address? Select ‘No’. You will then be asked to provide the name of the occupier of the address. You must also click the declaration that the occupier of the premises has consented in writing to the use of the specified address as the address of the registered office of the company.

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Does your local council permit businesses to operate in that area?

Local Councils can restrict the type of occupancy that can occur in certain areas. This means you need to check with your local council whether you are legally allowed to operate this type of business in your area.

Will the address be publicly listed?

When registering your company, your address will be publicly listed on the ASIC Registry. As this is a public document, your residential address will be published online. You need to carefully consider the implication of having your home address publicly available.

How do I update my register office address after company registration?

Once you have registered your company, you can change your address by lodging a change of address form online.

  1. Register for online access with your ASIC Corporate key.
  2. Simply log on to ASIC Connect.
  3. Select ‘Start new form’ and select ‘Change to company details’.

For more information on how to update your registered office address and other changes to your company, check out our previous guide.

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