Confidentiality Agreement Sample

Confidentiality Agreement Sample

A Confidentiality Agreement is a legal document that you can use to disclose confidential information to another party, while legally forbidding the other party from disclosing that information to any person or entity. Take a look at our sample below, to get an idea of what yours will look like.

Your Confidentiality Agreement protects confidential information from falling into the wrong hands. Just like our sample, the agreement should clearly inform the parties about their responsibilities when dealing with confidential information and intellectual property.

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Once customised, your document will look similar to our sample Confidentiality Agreement.

What does the Confidentiality Agreement cover?

Our Confidentiality Agreement include clauses setting out:

  • A description of the confidential information;
  • Confidential rights and obligations of the parties;
  • Protection of sensitive information;
  • Return of confidential information at the end of the employment period;
  • Obligations regarding proper use of the information; and
  • Circumstances where disclosure is permitted.

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