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How to Start a Google Adwords Business

How to Start a Google Adwords Business

Interested in starting a Google Adwords business? Find out more about starting a Google Adwords business here.

7th October 2020
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A Google Adwords business is a great opportunity for those who are interested in marketing as it revolves around managing different companies’ Google Adwords accounts. This includes managing how the brands’ advertisements appear in Google searches and how to optimise these ads to reach the companies’ goals. Whether you have the required skills and knowledge for Google Adwords or not, you can get your business started with a few simple steps.

The Fundamentals of Starting a Business

The first step to starting any business is researching and setting up the foundations of the business. To keep yourself on track with your business goals it is best to write up a business plan. Your business plan will outline your desired business outcomes and how you aim to achieve them. You can find out more about how to write an effective business plan here.

When starting up a Google Adwords business, you also need to consider what business structure will best suit how your business’ functions and what its needs are. It is important to choose the right fit for your business whether that be a sole trader, partnership etc. so that your business can operate effectively. You can also find more information about different business structure types here.

Skills and Certifications

Whether you already have the required skills and knowledge of Google Adwords or not, you may also want to consider acquiring a Google Adwords certification. Google provides online courses through Skillshop which are completely free to take. Skillshop offers a variety of certifications such as Google Adwords planning, managing and how to use the platform. Getting this certification will demonstrate your expertise in Google Ads and gain trust with new customers which is especially important with new businesses.

If you need some extra support in learning about Google Adwords, there are many courses that you can take online, including on LinkedIn Learning.

Partnering with Google

Once you have established your business, you may want to consider becoming a Google Partner. Gaining a Google Partner Badge means that you can advertise yourself as a Google Partner. This demonstrates to your potential customers that your expertise in Google Adwords management is acknowledged by Google. Becoming a Google Partner also comes with a lot of perks such as training sessions on how to better manage Google Adwords, business strategy consulting and more. Although you can not instantly become a Google Partner, it is best to look into what requirements your business needs to reach to become a Google Partner. Some requirements include company performance criteria and a certain certification level. Once you are aware of these requirements, then you can align your business goals with them.

Registering for an Australian Business Number (ABN)

All businesses in Australia must register for an ABN to be able to operate. An ABN  is needed for the purposes of giving invoices, processing taxes etc. You can find out more about ABNs here. Registering for your ABN is an extremely simple process and you can register an ABN for your Google Adwords business here.

Setting Up a Website

A key part of starting your business is setting up a website that will suit your company’s needs and functionality. As your website is one of the first contact points for new clients, it is important for them to be able to easily navigate the platform and access information about your services.

Every website needs terms and conditions that will alert customers about things they need to be aware of. This includes as payment methods and liability clauses. You can easily create terms and conditions for your website by clicking here. If you need further support regarding what to include in your terms and conditions, click here.

As your website will also be collecting information about your clients and their businesses you will also need to create a privacy policy. A privacy policy will let your clients know how their information will be stored and how it will be used. You can create a privacy policy in a few easy steps by visiting here.

Promoting Your Business

There are a number of ways which you can attract new customers once your business has been set up. Fittingly, you can advertise your business through Google Adwords. This is so that customers can find your management agency when they search for Google Adwords. Additionally, you may also want to advertise through social media. To make the most out of your marketing you may want to consider creating a marketing strategy. This will outline your target market, marketing budget and more.


The main points to starting a Google Adwords business is to acquire the necessary skillset and certifications, and, to set a business plan as a guide for your progress. As starting a business can be complex and overwhelming, it is best to consider consulting a business lawyer. A business lawyer can advise and support you with your legal situation. You can also use a legal health check tool. This tool will assess if your business is missing any legal requirements or to see if there are ways it can further enhance its legal health.

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