How to Start a Public Relations (PR) Business

What is a public relations business?

A public relations business is an agency which promotes other businesses or individuals through editorial coverage. This is referred to as ‘earned’ or ‘free’ media which involves posting stories on websites, newspapers and magazines. They do this as opposed to ‘paid media’ or advertisements. The goal of a PR business is promoting clients and making them appear as successful, honest, important and relevant. The management of public relations include anticipating, analysing and interpreting public opinion and issues that might impact an organisation. Moreover, they research, conduct and evaluate programs of action and communication to achieve the public’s understanding of a business. These may include marketing, financial or even government relations. Overall, a PR business is designed around working with the media and corporations. Although it is a complicated business, it can be very rewarding. 

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Know your skills

The public relations industry requires knowledge of journalism, creative writing, media advertising and analysing group behaviour. You must ensure you are an outgoing person with excellent communication skills. These skills are essential because you will be in charge of helping promote other people. Moreover, you will be interacting with new people with different types of personality. You should not consider a job in public relations if you are not comfortable with meeting new people. 

Get certified in public relations

Experience is always helpful when starting a new business. However, accrediting yourself is even better. You should always get your skills certified. This can be done through a variety of degrees. The foundation for a career in PR is a degree in journalism or marketing. Once you are certified, you can start gaining as much experience as you can. The best experience you can get is from an already existing PR firm. This will give you the best insight into how to start your own firm. Once you think you have enough knowledge, you will be on your way to a good start. Moreover, having these credentials and experience will give you a competitive advantage over other firms.


You will need to identify the different types of people you have to work with when you start your business. These include reporters, radio and television news producers, magazines and newspaper publicists. You will need an extensive amount of media networking because they will be your main resource. A lawyer will also come in handy in this business because it might interfere with some human rights. 


Once you have established your business, you should focus on marketing it. This should be easier since PR is already a  media focussed business field. Therefore, you should ensure that your company is ethical otherwise it could tarnish your reputation. It is also essential that your services are worth the money that you charge. 

The legals

You should register your business and apply for a trademark to protect your services. Getting insured will also protect your business in case something goes wrong.

Don’t forget

A public relations business is a challenging but rewarding one. It is a business which has a heavy focus on media presence. You must be skilled in communication, marketing and journalism. These skills will take you a long way in the PR field. Moreover, it is always better to have more experience and to certify yourself with a degree. People are likely to trust you more if you are certified. It is also vital that you conduct your networking well as it is a big part of the job. Finally, ensure that your legal requirements are protected. Contact a business lawyer for more information about this. 

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