What Legal Documents Do I Need to Hire Offshore?

Outsourcing is an affordable way for start-ups and small business to access quality services. It allows you to hire someone with specialised skills to perform a specific task for your business such as the development and design of your website. However, without proper legal agreements in place, questions can arise concerning the ownership of your intellectual property.

If you are outsourcing aspects of your business overseas, it is important to have the following legal documents in place to ensure that your business is protected. For greater legal protection and access to all the essential legal documents you will need for hiring offshore sign up to Lawpath today.

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What legal documents do I need to hire offshore/outsource?

Intellectual Property Agreement

An intellectual property agreement is a way that you can acquire your intellectual property from another party. When outsourcing your work to a contractor it is important that any of the work completed is assigned to you. This ensures that the intellectual property is protected and cannot be used by the contractor.

Under Australian law, your intellectual property can only be legally assigned by a written and signed document. When outsourcing you must ensure that both parties have read and signed the document in order for the agreement to take effect.

For more information on the benefits of an intellectual property agreement check out our guide.

Non-disclosure agreement

A non-disclosure agreement (commonly known as an NDA) is a document that allows your business to safeguard any confidential information, with the parties agreeing to not disclose any information covered by the agreement. Using an NDA when you are outsourcing ensures that any confidential information you have provided to the other person will not be used by them or shared with other people, especially your competitors.

Website Development Agreement

A website development agreement is a contract between you and the website developer, and is essential if you are outsourcing the development of your website. A website development agreement is used to avoid any disputes between you and the website developers that you have hired by specifying the nature of the work, and procedures for payment and termination. It also protects your intellectual property, offers confidentiality clauses and clarifies any important aspects of the design and development of your website.

Hire a Business Lawyer

Navigating legals can at times be difficult. When hiring offshore and outsourcing aspects of your business it is recommended that you engage with a business lawyer. Without the legal review of these documents, your ownership over aspects of your business such as your website and intellectual property may be in doubt.

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Final Thoughts

Before outsourcing aspects of your business, it is vital that you have the right legal documents in place such as an intellectual property agreement or NDA. To ensure that your documents are watertight, get in touch with a business lawyer and have these documents reviewed.

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