Why Do I Need A Lawyer?

Apr 5, 2016
Reading Time: 2 minutes
Written by Zachary Swan

Not every legal matter requires a lawyer’s assistance. While each person’s circumstances vary, there are times where you really should use a lawyer’s service. The law can be complex, confusing and costly. Are you considering developing business contracts? Are you determining your business structure? Or are you dealing with some disagreements? If you find yourself in any of these circumstances it may be best to contact a lawyer.

The Benefits May Outweigh the Costs

It is common for many not to contact a lawyer due to a fear of enormous costs. Whilst in some cases this may be true, the benefit of having a professional representing or assisting you can lead to a better outcome. This is particularly the case, when compared to the outcomes of people who represent themselves, or delve into legal areas where a lawyer could better protect you. In evaluating costs it is important to remember to ‘shop around’ as prices do vary.

LawPath can source you up to 3 fixed-price quotes from expert lawyers. This will allow you to compare the lawyers on price and experience, and ensure you know the costs involved before you begin.

The Law is Complicated

If you are not a lawyer yourself it is almost impossible to have a complete grasp of what you legally require. Without the help of a trained lawyer you risk your matter becoming even worse, and in some cases it can become more expensive for you. If you are thinking about starting up a small business it can be important to hire a lawyer when reviewing contracts to avoid potential legal consequences and ensure your best interests are being met. Learn more in our guide about “Why You Need A Lawyer To Review/Draft Your Business Agreement” .

Protect Your Small Business’s Interests & Legal Obligations

To ensure your small business doesn’t fall foul of the law it can be important to have a lawyer look over and/or assist you with your matter. To ensure you select an appropriate lawyer for you needs you should select a lawyer that:

  • Is experienced or even specialised in dealing with your type of matter
  • Can communicate with your clearly in order for you to adequately understand your matter
  • Is easily contactable
  • Charges reasonable fees/price

Whether you come to face contracts, disputes or premise requirements, the decision to contact a lawyer should be an informed one. Your decision should be one based on a cost-benefit evaluation, whilst also thinking of the needs and interests of your business.

Unsure about why you need a lawyer? LawPath can connect you to an expert lawyer who can help you understand and advise on your tax obligations for a fixed-fee. Submit a quote request and receive up to 3 fixed-price quotes in 24 hours.

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