Friday, 18 October 2019

Why Do You Need Contracts for Freelance Services?

Written by Kyle McIndoe

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It’s necessary to have a contractor agreement in place for freelance services. As a freelancer, you need a contract to ensure that you’re not shortchanged, or suddenly without work. Contracts reduce the room for interpretation, making clear your commitments and duties. Below, we break down in depth why contracts are necessary for freelance services.

What freelance services need contracts?

Basically, all of them.

Whether you’re a photographer, videographer, model, influencer, actor, or any other kind of freelancer a contract is important. It exists to protect the freelancer.

Why have a contract?

To ensure work

A freelancer’s challenge is finding consistent work. Without an employer, a freelancer relies on the scheduled work to make a living. If the client hiring the freelancer withdraws last minute, this can leave the freelancer without expected pay that day. To ensure you receive the money expected, a contract can force the client to pay regardless of if they follow through with the service.

To outline payment details

Clients may attempt to be dodgy relating to payments. Sometimes, they may be unwilling to pay the fixed price due to how quick the service took, or they may be disappointed with the quality. Regardless, they may attempt to break the promise on payment owed. A contract will ensure the payment details are clear, and provide legal options if they attempt to short-change you.

To limit liability

Occasionally, mistakes happen. To limit your liability, contracts may contain clauses outlining this. This ensures that in the event of a mishap, you will not be liable for damages.

To establish clear expectations

A miscommunication can occur between the freelancer and client where each has a different view on the work to be completed. A valid contract removes this possibility. It will outline the expectations that each party has in regard to the work to be completed, timelines and payment details. This ensures no discrepancies, and no future issues arising.

Final thoughts

Contracts for freelance services are necessary to ensure that each party is clear on their expectations. It ensures that neither party gets taken advantage of, and keeps things on an even playing field. For further enquiries on this issue, a contract lawyer may be able to assist.

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