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Pets at Work Policy

The Pets at Work Policy can be used to establish conditions for bringing pets into the workplace.


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Document Overview

What Is A Pets At Work Policy?

A Pets At Work Policy outlines the guidelines and procedures for enabling employees to bring in their place into the workplace. A pets at work policy will typically address the rules and eligibility of pets, liability and special accommodations. Using a thorough and concise template for your business’s pets at work policy creates transparency for employees who are wanting to bring in their pets. 

Adapting to Changing Values & Workplace Culture

Bringing pets to work has significantly increased over the past decade with the prioritisation and expectation of employees wanting a workplace culture which is fun, vibrant, inclusive but also considerate of responsibilities; this includes the caring of pets. Having a pets at work policy creates not only a transparent process, but also one which adapts to the changing values and expectations of workplace culture.

Key Components of a Pets At Work Policy Template

Eligibility Criteria

Employees who are wanting to bring pets to work must meet specific criteria. This eligibility may include the type of animal being brought in, its vaccination status, behavior and health. This section may also address the size of the pet wanting to be brought in by an employee. 

Approval Process

Employees who are wanting to bring in their pets are likely going to be required to seek permission from their department or managers. This template allows you to define what the process is for your employees wanting to bring pets into the workplace. 

Behaviour Guidelines

The pets at work policy will also define the behaviour expectations of the pet an employee is wanting to bring in, alongside the behavior and duties of the employees. This may include the employee’s job to clean up after their pet, maintain control of their pet and also ensure they do not cause disruption in the office. 

Indemnity and Insurance

Employees wanting to bring in their pets may be required to sign an indemnity agreement and a waiver specifies their insurance requirements for their pet being brought in. This may also encompass the coverage and liabilities in relation to damage the pet may potentially cause in the workplace. 

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