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How to Start a Computer Programming Business

How to Start a Computer Programming Business

A computer programming business could be your next major career step. In our article, we break down how you can start your own programming business.

4th November 2019
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Starting a computer programming business can be an extremely profitable adventure. Additionally, it can provide you with lifelong friends. As the technology industry is rapidly expanding, it’s a great time to enter the industry and establish yourself as a name. Below, we break down how you can start your own programming company.

Educational training

Understanding programming can be difficult. Therefore, you require significant education. You can obtain a Certificate IV in Programming through TAFE NSW, or you can go to university and get a Bachelor’s in Software Development and Programming.

You are able to self-learn programming skills. However, this can be more difficult and more time consuming. To ensure you understand all the relevant programming skills necessary, tertiary education is recommended.

Registering your company

For your business to be legal, it must be registered with the relevant authorities. Registering a company is generally a simple process, with your idea a recognised entity upon completion.


Once you have all the education necessary and your company is registered, it’s time to find the perfect location for your business. To run a successful computer programming company, you want to find a location away from other programming stores. Setting up in a location close to one can mean that you struggle to attain a client base, as customer’s prefer to stick with the business they know and trust.

Setting up your company distinct from others can allow you to stand out, and access to a previously unserviced client list.


As a programmer, you want to focus on what you’re good at. Therefore, you probably don’t want to deal with the hassle of bookkeeping. To handle your finances, it is recommended to file your receipts and use a platform such as Xero. This can ensure that your business adheres to the relevant tax laws and maximises returns for your business.

Acquire customers

The final step in your venture is to gain a customer base. A regular customer base provides a source of income for your business, and these customers can be your best form of advertising. Whilst your other methods of advertising will depend on your budget and geographic area, the following methods are recommended:

  • Google ads.
  • Newspaper ads.
  • Radio and TV.

Furthermore, it’s recommended to view how other computer programming businesses operate and advertise. Through these methods, you can ensure you attain the required customer base.

Final thoughts

Starting your own programming business can be a rewarding career choice. Particularly with the rapid expansion of technology, there hasn’t been a better time to enter the industry. For further enquiries, a business lawyer may be able to assist.

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Kyle McIndoe

Kyle worked in the content team as a legal intern for Lawpath. He is undertaking a Bachelor of Laws with a Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) at Macquarie University.