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What Does a ‘Virtual Law Firm’ Mean for Clients?

What Does a ‘Virtual Law Firm’ Mean for Clients?

The legal market is making strides online. Find out how this will affect you.

4th February 2019
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Technology continues to drive the legal market with new business models and ways to deliver client services. An emphasis on client friendly services is especially a focus of firms stepping outside the traditional notion of a law firm.

In this article we’ll discuss a particular trend of technology in the legal market known as the ‘virtual law firm’ and how it will change the client experience.

What is a ‘virtual law firm’?

A ‘virtual law firm’ is essentially a law firm that runs entirely online. All communication and document processing occurs online rather than in a ‘brick and mortar’ office. In fact, many retired lawyers looking for a bit of work or self-employed lawyers use a virtual law firm to work at home. Virtual firms are regulated the same way as ‘physical’ firms, so you can be assured that the legal services provided are legitimate.

The virtual law firm is becoming a popular topic in legal innovation with many virtual law firms emerging in Australia and around the world. In fact, many young and current lawyers are looking for ways to have a work-life balance. Moving a business online is one such method that makes this a reality.

How will clients be affected?

Virtual law firms provide many benefits for clients in particular. These firms can provide a user-centred experience through their online platforms by making the process of working with a lawyer much easier. This includes implementing easier communication platforms for both lawyers and clients. This is most often found in the form of web chats, video chat and even interactive virtual assistants. Additionally, technology also makes it easier for lawyers to work more efficiently. As such, clients can expect faster delivery times when engaging with virtual law firms.

In summary, the list below shows some of the key benefits clients will have when engaging with virtual law firms:

  • Cheaper cost for clients
  • Faster delivery time
  • A seamless customer experience
  • Convenience
  • Better access to services


Ultimately, virtual law firms will provide efficient and effective legal services for clients on a user-focused online platform. This is especially appealing to younger generations who are used to the convenience of technology. Indeed, the nature of the law firm is evolving with the times to provide more accessible and affordable legal services.

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Christopher Cruz

Chris is a legal intern at Lawpath, and is currently studying a Bachelor of Laws at Macquarie University. He is interested in commercial and IT law.