Worried about potential accountability for workplace accidents, illness or on the extreme side, workplace death? You just want to do the correct thing to make sure your employees are feeling safe and out of harm’s way. Are you considering what is the best way to go about this to protect yourself and employees at work? It might be time to take a look at Safe Work Australia (SWA) and how they can assist in the prevention of workplace accidents. It is important to find out what workplace policies your business needs!

What precisely is Safe Work Australia?

SWA is almost exactly what it appears to be rolling off the tongue. To put it plainly, SWA is a government body that delivers and promotes national strategies to prevent workplace death, injury and disease. In 2009 – 2010, the Australian Bureau of Statistics conducted a survey on work – related injuries etc. A report was published which examined work – related injuries of both male and female workers of different ages and studied the results. A summary of the results found that in this time frame 638, 400 workers reported that they had experienced a work-related injury in those last 12 months. In percentage form, this amounts to almost 58% of 1000 workers!

How does Safe Work Australia improve the safety of Australian workers?

SWA aims to improve the work health and safety results and workers compensation in Australia on behalf of the commonwealth, states and territories, and their workers. As a government body it has many responsibilities. One of which, requires them to put together examples of legislation that may be taken on board by each of the states and territories.

Another function of SWA is to create national policies relating to occupational health and safety. Strategically, SWA uses and collects a mixture of data to adequately advise the development of such policies.

You may be thinking, if adopted, how are these policies and codes of practices monitored effectively? Yet another function of SWA, is keeping track of approved policies and codes that are used as the law in states and territories. SWA works to help improve cooperation and the obedience of approved regulations.

However, while SWA provides good information on Occupational Health and Safety for Australian workers, it sometimes lacks the ability to address issues for the self-employed. To address this SWA has funded the the Australian Bureau of Statistics to collect and study the results of ALL work – related injuries.

How can you get involved?

Thinking about getting involved to promote and raise awareness of OHS issues in your workplace or community? Getting involved is simpler than you think!

There are three main ways to get on board:

  • Register as a Safety Ambassador and hold an activity in your workplace.
  • Attend an event held by your health and safety regulator.
  • Download the safety month app for FREE from an app store by searching “Safe Work Australia safety month”.

Don’t forget to share your work health and safety ideas here!

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